How to search database

A : Search Assistance Service

    This service enlists the help of expert researchers to help you find the exact footage you need.
    Contact us at 310 317 9996 or

B : Online Search

    Searching is a process and we suggest you begin with becoming familiar with the search menu:

  1.   SEARCH FOR CLIP   leads to a search form:
    With All Of The Words
    With The Exact Phrase
    With At Least One Of The Words
    Without The Words
    After having entered your keywords click  Submit .
  2. Your result page will appear with a list of clips matching your search.
    Each clip on list will look something like this:

    Clip Description
    Tape name
    start mid end Clip Length
    Man surfing longboard
    GH Ocean Sports 
    Stock Footage of Man surfing longboard start Stock Footage of Man surfing longboard mid Stock Footage of Man surfing longboard end 00:00:08:00  ID: 1011
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    play | download
     SELECT : ☐

    To play preview video of clip click play.
    A pop-up window will open which plays video. Usually this is low-resolution flash video and sometimes Quicktime of slightly better resolution.

    To download click download . Save the Quicktime file of the clip to a folder you have created on your desktop or elsewhere.
    (Note: if you don’t have Quicktime on your computer it is easy to download for free at and search for QUICKTIME)

  3. If you wish to save a clip - to email or inquire us - check SELECT : and it will be saved in   MY CLIPLIST   .
    The clip background will change color to indicate this cliplist selected status. (see further 9. below).
  4. When you   SEARCH FOR CLIP  you may check Clips That Can Be Streamed On The Internet
    This will extend your search to also include clips which is not digitised yet.
    These clips will only have text description and no previews - neither thumbnails nor video to play.
    If you wish to see preview of these clips select to   MY CLIPLIST   and we can send you this.

  5. To order a clip or simply just inquire about it; click on  FOOTAGE QUOTE .
    Here you submit your contact and project information.
    When the inquiry is submitted all clips selected to MY CLIPLIST  
    will be sent to our stock footage search experts and sales staff.

  6. Most importantly, don't hesitate to contact us on 310 317 9996 (USA)
    or and let us help you find your way around the search engine.

    One of the unique features of our Stock Footage Search & Preview platform is the capability to search and preview entire tapes.
    This will help you discover shots that do not appear in the clip searches.
    You may discover that there are entire tapes matching your keywords, but not described by using your particular search term.

        I. Click on  Tape name  of the clip, which will open page with all thumbnails of the whole tape.
              You may click on any thumbnail image to play the clip containing the image.
              Click Change Display to extend thumbnail view OR click View Clips to view cliplist.

    Man surfing longboard
    Click here to review tape

    GH Ocean Sports 
    Stock Footage of Man surfing longboard start Stock Footage of Man surfing longboard mid Stock Footage of Man surfing longboard end 00:00:08:00  ID: 1011

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       II.  When you   SEARCH FOR CLIP  you may check Tape Search wich will execute search on tapes which may result in a list of tapes:

    GH strap surfing View THUMBNAILS VIEW CLIPS ID NR: 100000010

    ⬆Click here
       or here

  8. is for accessing your personal account.

    I. Stock Footage Research experts can manage multiple projects with mutiple cliplists.
    II. Footage partners can manage their tape collections.
    III. Footage partners may upload masters, generate thumbnails and video clips, as well as logging tapes.