Stock Footage of artifacts related to the United States. Images and events relating to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of North America. Parades and reenactments; vintage vehicles, houses, tools and objects; flags, plaques and statues, and so on. Patriotism and nostalgia is the subject matter here. Roadside attractions across the US, the flag, government, monuments, state signs



Parades Veterans, Archival, Gay Pride, Marching Bands, Floats, Beauty Queens, Shriners, Native American
American Flags Close, on buildings, boats, clothing, Parades, Rodeos, Archival
Bald Eagles Flying, fishing, close wide scenic beautiful
Monuments Mt Rushmore, Washington Monuments, Memorials
Color Guard Parades, Football Game, Archival
Government Buildings Washington Buildings, Supreme Court, Courts
American Moments Places Around The Country That Say America
Roadside Attractions Roadside Attractions, Hotels, Alien Highway,
State Welcome Signs Many state welcome signs entering state
Small Towns Aerials, High Angle, Close, 35MM, HD