Stock Footage of architectural designs. Inspiration for build plans and construction of buildings. City planners, builders of homes and offices, churches, high rises, skyscrapers, museums, towers, forts, fortresses etc. All types of structures.



Barns Rural Farming Food Production Tractor
Ghettos Driving POV Burned Out Buildings Deserted
Office generic government Eastern federal
Schools high school Columbine
Government FBI Supreme Court generic
Capitol US Washington White house Sacramento California Calorado
Monuments Washington Lincoln Vietnam mall
Police Stations New York archival
Houses suburb, mansion, Hamptons, home, neighborhood, POV, driving, midwest, Eastern, aerial
Houses 2 story Midwest, Eastern, day, night, POV, winter, summer
Apartments DX-NX Brownstones, Apartment Buildings
Lighthouses aerial light
Bridges day night emergency room
Hospitals Large, Small, Close, Wide, Day, Night, Urban, Rural, Sun, Snow
Prison jail barbed wire tower
Stadiums Sport arenas, Concert Venues, Public Architecture