Stock Footage of Major Locations around the US and the World, mainly cities. A city is a densely populated community. Many people work in central business districts and commute in to town from suburbs. Look up named locations in Google Maps for the geographical position on the map.



Anchorage Anchorage 35mm, 16mm, City, Fishing, Ice Calving
Beijing Beijing, China, HD, 35mm City, People, Scenics
Berlin Berlin HD 35mm City Buildings, Castles, Rhein
Boston Boston HD 35mm Aerials, Ground Shots
Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Argentina HD 35mm City, People, Tango, Scenics
Chicago Chicago HD 35mm Aerials, Ground Shots
Detroit Detroit HD 35mm Aerials, Ground Shots
Frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany HD 35mm City Buildings, Stock Exchange, Farms
Gary Gary, Indiana 35mm Steel Plant, Industry
Hollywood Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Bowl, Aerials, Grummans Chinese, Ripley's Museum, Hollywood Blvd., Stars, Archival, Academy Awards, Oscars, palm trees
Hong Kong Hong Kong HD 35mm Aerials, City Life
Honolulu Honolulu HD 35mm 16mm Skylines, Scenics
Jerusalem Jerusalem HD 16mm Old City, Wailing Wall, Sacred Places, Skyline
Las Vegas Las Vegas HD, 35mm,16mm Day, Night, Neon, Gambling, Driving Povs
London London HD, 35mm Aerials, Ground Shots
London Sunrise Morning Dusk UK England Britain
Los Angeles Los Angeles HD, 35mm Aerials, Ground Shots
Los Angeles 2 California megapolis traffic highways, suburbs
LAX Los Angeles International Airport
Malibu beauty shots rich famous
Moscow Moscow 16mm, HD People, Subway, Markets, Skyline, Moody, Stylized
New Orleans New Orleans HD, 35mm City Life, Street Scene
New York New York City HD, 35mm Aerials,Ground shots
New York Sunrise Morning Dusk America Skyscrapers, Megapolis, Buildings
World Trade Center Post 9-11 Terrorism, Aerial 35mm HD
Paris Paris HD, 35mm Aerials, Ground Shots
Rio De Janeiro Rio De Janeiro HD, 35mm Marde gras, scenics
Rome Rome HD, 35mm Vatican, Coliseum, Ruins, City
San Diego San Diego HD, 35mm Aerials, Ground Shots
San Francisco San Francisco HD, 35mm Aerials, Ground Shots
Seattle Seattle HD, 35mm Skylines, Scenics
Shanghai Shanghai HD, 35mm Aerials, Ground Shots
St Louis St Louis 35mm Arch, Skyline
Small Town High angle aerials
Sydney Sydney HD, 35mm Aerials, Scenics Sidney
Tokyo Tokyo HD, 35mm Aerials, Ground Shots
Vancouver Vancouver HD, 35mm Aerials, Skylines, Scenics
Venice Venice HD, 35mm, 16mm Canals, Skyline, Churches,Architecture
Washington D.C. Washington DC HD, 35mm Monuments,Aerials
Detroit 2 City Aerials
Los Angeles 3 City Aerials