Stock Footage of dance from clubs and other stages for song and dancing. Artistic dancers conveying the dancer's mood and the song's feelings. Cultural expression and artistic performances in theaters, streets or ritual places. World dances



Aerobics Workout to music, dance, strengthen, stretch
African Dance Zulu, Tribal, Masai Dancers, Jump
Archival Dance Swing, Square, Skate, Charleston, Special Occasions, Couple Dances
Asian Dancers Tribal, Traditional, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Operas, Costumes, Celebrations
Ballet Nutcracker Ballet, Russian Dancers on stage, in class, rehearsal
Couples Dance Couples Dance clubs, Tango, Outside
Flamenco High angle dancers spin skirts dance dramatic
Hula Hawaiian Dance, Women, girls, Ocean, Show, Island, South Pacific
Lambada Dance Sexy Jungle Women Men
Modern Dance Dance moody, physical, stage, african american, beach, interpretive, mom, girl, archival Isadora Duncan
Tango Couples dance, France, Argentina, Sexy, dramatic