Stock footage of disasters and emergencies. It may be any tragic event, fatal accidents, acts of god such as natural catastrophies like earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, floods etc. Disasters are catastrophic for people and images from these events are apocalyptic. The end of civilization that comes through nuclear war, plague, or other general disaster. The tragedy of human-made hazards for society or environment.Disasters may be seen as a consequence of mis-managed risk. This stock footage will depict these effects. Most deaths caused by disasters occur in developing countries. The global warming is the main issue today which must be managed to avoid disastrous future scenarios.



Aftermath volcano, tornado, hurricane, clear cut, fire, oil spill
Building Fires house warehouse apartment rescue fireman ladder climb burn smoke damage burned out
Earthquakes freeway church damage shake tremblor
Fires burned landscape forest fire brush fire
Floods Dam burst flooding houses flood sandbags natural disaster
Forest Fires trees southern california brush firemen helicopter retardant drop aftermath burnt houses
Hurricanes storm rain wind waves destruction
Ice Melting Glacier ice melting global warming
Emergencies disaster flood fire
Oil Spills Exxon Valdez cleanup birds otter goo steam oil wells fires cap seal well
Pollution oil spill smokestack clearcut Exon Valdez birds dying chemical spill beach closed
Tidal Waves ocean disaster nature waves storm
Tidal Wave 2 Huge Crashing Waves
Tornados storm wind funnel cloud damage devestation
Volcanos erruption lava molten explosion fires hot ocean
Hurricane Katrina Storm, flood, rescue, Coast Guard, Superdome, evacuation
Plane crash Airplane,