Special Effects



Explosions Effects explosions various types and speeds
Bullet Shoot Bullet slomo shot at balloon, banana, glass, from rifle
Laser Animation Laser Animation effects colors, split screen, laserium type
Streaks, Timelapse Water, lights, rides
Timelapse People Cities people walking Japan
Water Effects Special effects, rain, eddies, storm, churning, vortex, bubbles, underwater, sun on water, rainbow on water,
Stop Motion Animation Gumby like character, house, Surfer animation Sun
Computer Graphics Space, planets, stars, black holes, earth, medical
Timelapse Plants Flowers, plants, raspberries, tomatoe, roots, sprouts, grass growing and opening
Physical Effects Green and Blue Screen, Arrow, Kaleidescope, marble, pumpkin
Color Effects Sepia, Black & White, Multicolored Lenses, Wild colors