Search and preview among 150,000 shot records and close to 1000 hours of footage from our stock footage library of over 1000 tapes and reels.

Thousands of hours of our stock footage has been digitized. This means you can play and download instantly online . When you find footage of interest you can email cliplists to colleagues, clients or to our sales staff who will provide price quotes.

We respond within minutes when you inquire to our Los Angeles or New York office or our affiliates in the UK and Europe. Our experienced stock footage resarchers will search our extended network of HD and SD stock footage archives. We can deliver our HD stock footage either on-line via downloads or all digital and tape formats as well as film negative.

You may become partner with us as buyer or supplier of stock footage. As a buyer, you can set up your own account with your own password and you can login and save cliplists. As a partner suppling footage you may upload new tapes and log and edit stock footage clips online both video and metadata.